Leikskólinn Mýri – Mýri, pre-school

Mýri, pre-school was founded in September 1989. The pre-school is located in a four floor building raised in 1906 at Tjarnargata 11 where the City hall is now. The pre-school was established by parents and operated by them the first seven years. In 1997 the pre-school made a service contract with Reykjavik city. Parents were still responsible for the school but Reykjavík city paid an operating grant to the school. Since 2011 the school has been a complete part of Reykjavík city and is no longer operated by parents.

There are 30 children in the pre-school in two age-divided floors or 15 children on each floor. The youngest children are two years old or about to be two years old while the oldest children are six years old. Employment positions are around 10 and some of them are only working part-time. Information on how to apply for this school or any other within Reykjavík city can be found at Reykjavík city webpage.

In this part of our webpage you can find information for bi- or multi-lingual children and their parents in various languages. Note that it differs a little bit between languages what has been translated. All these information can also be found at Reykjavík city webpage. In other part of this webpage you can find other information about our pre-school but only in Icelandic. We´ll hopefully be able to translate some of these information later.